Hello everyone; my name is Lenoir. Simply put: I enjoy video games, drawing, and writing. I have separate pages for the latter two, so check those out via the sidebar if you are interested and enjoy the content.


I’ll be releasing an update post soon, I just need to get my sh*t together.

If you have even the slightest doubt; for the love of God, wait!

TotalBiscuit: The Cynical Brit

Short Update 4/5/14

Short and to-the-point; I do indeed have more projects planned for the future - including three more collections of evaluations (one of which I still have to prepare for).

Regardless, my next written evaluation will be the original Bioshock on the PS3, before I get to my next collection.

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Thanks for reading and take care,


My records on the thought processes of ‘those’ kind of players of games

-If you (not “When I”) win, you either cheated or got lucky. Either way, you will be considered a dick.

-If you lose, regardless of the reason, you automatically suck until you win.

-Sportsmanship? Having Fun? All I heard was “Win, win, and don’t lose”.

-When I win, I will describe (in detail) how I won and how you lost - regardless of whether you want to hear it or not

-Winning is more important to me than it is to you, so don’t get angry if I start winning but don’t tell me to calm down if I start losing.

-What the f**k are retries!?

Anything that I missed?

TheDreadedRain: JAK AND DAXTER TRILOGY: Part 3

Yeah, the spoilers in the address bar won’t go away.

Anyway, here is my eval. on the last game in the trilogy - Jak 3.

For those who care… (3/31)

-I’m pushing back my evaluation of Dark Souls. I know that I said that I would do it after I finished with the Jak and Daxter Trilogy, but I’ve only beaten the game once and I want to be able to provide a precise description of the game.

*As I side note, maybe I should stop making deadlines for this kind of stuff as I tend to keep changing things at the last minute.


Jak 3 journal (might stick with that)

Outline and Draft are done, now working on the final.

Update 3/25/14

Good lord, these last few days have been pretty rough. Sorry for the absence, but I’ve had to do a lot of catching up school-wise since “The Great Laptop Crash of Winter of 2014”.

Anyway, the update…

Firstly and for those of you who care; I am almost done with my written ‘evaluation’ (might just stick with that terminology) of Jak 3. If any of you have read the other two evaluations, then you may know that I won’t be delving into the racing or portable spinoffs. I also have future writing projects planned; evaluations, thoughts, and the like.

Finally; I am still drawing, just not as much as I used to. Most of it is focused on designs for original characters.