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Just deleted my evaluations for the three Resistance games. This is due to changes in the format which I plan to implement in my evaluation of Bioshock and in future evaluations.

I plan on re-making the pieces on the Resistance series later on.

Update 4/17

Okay, now that my sh*t is indeed together; time for the update that I promised days ago:

First off, I am still working on my evaluation of the original Bioshock; I’ve just been experimenting (and having fun) with games on my new laptop. Turns out it can’t play the new Shadow Warrior smoothly – even on the lowest graphical setting; which sucks but, oh well. Games like Doom, Duke 3D, and the classic Shadow Warrior play wonderfully – better than my previous laptop and; to be honest, that was what I was mainly going for prior to purchasing the device; so I guess I can’t be too disappointed.

After Bioshock, I plan on going into the original Ratchet and Clank series. As one of my favorite series of games, I am very much looking forward to writing about that. Now; I have more evaluations planned after that, but I won’t reveal those until later.

Now, those of who were paying attention would’ve noticed that all of my recent evaluations were on the PS3 and may (or may not) be wondering why that is the case. Short and to the point, it’s the console that I’ve spent the most time with in its generation and it’s currently the only one that I own (if you don’t count my laptop). I may actually write a piece on that and on my history with games up to this point, but that probably won’t be for a while.

Regarding the drawing scene, I’m working on perfecting my figure drawing; so I doubt I’ll be able to upload anything remarkably significant, if anything at all. I never imagined that drawing stick figures in dynamic poses would be so difficult, but damn is it difficult! That and I haven’t even remotely practiced with environments and adapting to different perspective so, yeah.

That’s all for now, enjoy the content, and thanks for the support.


Short Update 4/5/14

Short and to-the-point; I do indeed have more projects planned for the future - including three more collections of evaluations (one of which I still have to prepare for).

Regardless, my next written evaluation will be the original Bioshock on the PS3, before I get to my next collection.

Also, if you want to hear my occasionally talk about random stuff that I don’t post to Tumblr; consider following me on Twitter (TheDreadedRain).

Thanks for reading and take care,


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